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A message from composer Michael Dobinson:

I indicate today (March 9 2011) that I have coined the term electracoustmatic to describe the work I do combining purely electronic, sample acoustic and acoustic musical sources. I claim this for google seems to not be able to find matches for the term at the time I am writing this (11:25am EST, March 9 2011 (whatever calendar it is that claims this is 2011 ... Gregorian or something. I'm an electracoustmatician, not some calendar historitician or whatever calendar studiers are called; what am I some entymologist (assuming that's a person who studies words, and if it's not I meant whatever the real word for word-orinistic studytists are)?)), as demonstrated HERE!

Remember, you heard electracoustmatic from me first.

Me, the premier electracoustmatician ... premier by dint of being the first and thus only electracoustmatician there is, was or ever shall be.

Also, I'm the only one who can bestow the term electracoustmatician on others. Because I say so it is so and so I say making it so.

For more information on the only electracoustmatician in the world, go to

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